The LEGO company was started by Danish joiner and carpenter by Ole Kirk Kristiansen after he started making wooden toys in 1932. Passed down generations the company is now owned by the founder’s grandson, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and his children. The aim of LEGO’s products is to “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”. They base their products on the philosophy of learning and development through play. They believe that enriching a child’s life with quality play lays the foundations for their adult life.

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Since 1932 LEGO has stuck to its motto “Only the best is good enough”. This is what has created such loyal customers throughout the years. There are approximately 4000 different elements in the LEGO range plus 50 different LEGO colours. The plastic is heated to 230-310 degrees Celsius and then injected into the moulds at a pressure of 25-150 tons, depending on which element is being produced. These moulds are very accurate

lego3The more LEGO bricks you own the more options for creativity you have, giving you many hours in play with the LEGO brick that you don’t find elsewhere.


• LEGO® products are on sale in more than 130 countries .
• The LEGO Club has over four million members worldwide .
• On average, every person on earth owns 75 LeGO bricks .
• With a production of over 381 million tyres in 2010, the LEGO Group is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers .
• If all LEGO sets sold in 2010 were stacked on top of each other, they would fill a football field (5,000 m2) to a height of 172 m – equivalent to a 52 story building.
• More than seven LEGO sets are sold each second . During the Christmas season (weeks 49-51) almost 28 sets are sold each second .

rocket white background legos astronaut 7056x5856 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_71• If you built a column of about 40 billion LEGO bricks, it would reach the moon . • Laid end to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in 2010 would reach more than 12 times round the world .
• In the manufacture of LEGO bricks the tolerance of the knob is 2/100 mm. Over the years, approx . 560 billion LEGO elements have been manufactured .
• In 2010 approx . 22 billion LEGO elements were made at the factory in Billund, Denmark – equivalent to approx . 2.5 million elements an hour or 42,000 a minute .
• In 2010 the LEGO Group achieved a global production of more than 36 billion elements – equivalent to approx . 68,000 elements a minute or 1,140 elements every second .
• In one week more than one million sets containing more than 230 million LEGO elements are packed at the LEGO factory in Monterrey, Mexico .
• The high-bay warehouse at the LEGO factory in Kladno, Czech republic has 59 km of shelf space with room for 180.000 storage boxes with LEGO elements . The automated cranes in the high-bay warehouse can transport 600 boxes per hour .
• 2,5 million LEGO® DUPLO® elements are moulded daily at the LEGO factory in Hungary – if you laid them in a line, it would stretch 42 km.



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Toys R Us – Central World, FashionIsland and Big C Rama IV
Isetan at Central World Mall
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