Danske snapse & Svenska nubbar

Danish “snaps” and Swedish “nubbar” includes a variety of aquavit and other spirits that are very popular in Scandinavia.

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  • Årsta Brännvin


    Årsta Brännvin lanserades i 1978 efter originalrecept av Märta Helena Reenstierna kallades Årsta-frun. Årsta Brännvin passar kyld som snaps till currysill eller med en isbit som aperitif. Även till söta rätter som getost med honung, olika desserter och mörk choklad, som avec till kaffet eller i kaffedrinkar.

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  • Aalborg Porse Snaps


    Danish Aalborg Porse Snaps is a slightly bitter yet flavourful aquavit: porse, of course, rosemary while picking up cherry and oak from its cask. Its herbal qualities means it is best enjoyed at room temperature and it is a wonderful match with mature and blue vein cheese.

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  • Dr. Nielsen


    Dr. Nielsen's Bitter is an up and coming brand of spirits of choice found in many Danish homes

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  • Gammel Dansk


    Gammel Dansk is the classic Old Danish Bitter Dram with 29 different spices and herbs from around the globe

  • Aalborg Jubilæum


    Aalborg Aquavit Jubilee is a full-bodied luxury spirits based on dill and coriander with an elegant finish

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  • Aalborg Taffel – Rød


    Aalborg Taffel Aquavit, Denmark's most popular spirits, found at lunch tables as well as royal banquets

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  • O. P. Anderson Aquavit


    O. P. Anderson Aquavit is oldest and most traditional aquavit, the obvious choice for every party

  • Skåne Aquavit

    from 700.00฿

    Skåne Aquavit, which combines mild hints of caraway, anise and fennel, is a big seller

  • Halland Fläder


    Halland Elderberry produced for an original recipe from Halland, has with its fruity and fresh taste has become one of the favorites in vodka range.

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  • Herrgårds Aquavit


    Herrgårds Aquavit is spiced up with whiskey and stored in sherry casks, making it round and complex.

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  • Gammel Norrlands


    Old Norrland is a rich and mild Aquavit with a taste of cumin, anise and fennel.

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